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The “LaBel” lounge atmosphere.

Shisha LaBel Lounge

Come and discover the relaxed and romantic atmosphere. We chose every detail with your comfort in mind. Swing on the rhythm of tropical beats. Or why not enjoy a shisha/hookah with one of our many, many flavors? Taste one of our cocktails, while taking a look at our menu of delicious tapas.

With a smile we welcome all (couples, groups, etc). You want to have a birthday party or some other occasion? No problem. Just write us in time on Facebook, and we’ll be happy to arrange the rest.

“LaBel” lounge in Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria.

The tapas and food at LaBeL Lounge are a perfect match!

Tapas LaBel Lounge

At LaBeL lounge we have carefully selected a light and option-rich menu for you to enjoy, inspired by classical tapa dishes from all over the world, snacks and some home made delicious desserts.

We would also like to add proudly that all of our food is prepared with love and fresh and quality ingredients. Drop by for a drink, a little bite or a full dinner of delicious tapas and cocktails at LaBeL lounge!

Try our multiple flavours for Shisha!

Shishas LaBel Lounge Playa del Ingles

LaBeL Lounge is the first in the South to be truly specialized at making amazing Oriental shishas (hookah’s).

Different brands of high quality shisha Tabaco with a very wide selection of flavors, will ensure the best shisha experience. Come to LaBeL lounge in CC Yumbo and try the smoothest shishas in Gran Canaria.

Delicious cocktails - the place to be in Gran Canaria!

Cocktails LaBel Lounge Playa del Ingles

We offer a variety of cocktails, prepared by our professional bartenders, with a careful selection of quality brands, and daily fresh ingredients.
Come for a classic Mojito, or a Tom Collins, and so much more. Whether you are a gin lover, rum lover or a cocktail lover, we’ll do our very best to provide you with the finest evening drink on our menu.